Left Brain + Right Brain - Digital Marketing

Go-to-Market / US Market Penetration

Entering a new market and launching a new product, specifically the US market from the outside, is not an easy task. Left Brain + Right Brain understands the endeavor to enter the United States B2B marketplace. We believe that a lean go-to-market approach offers the best approach to launching a new product in a new environment where KPIs and ROI are most important.

We build custom marketing and sales methodologies to help you appeal to the US market and US business customs. Our team will help to identify, convert, and sign initial customers in the US market, and we will help you build a long-term strategy to continue that growth.

Let us help you:
• Develop a territory specific go-to-market plan
• Provide guidance on how to customize sales and marketing materials and messaging to fit the territory needs
• Develop a pricing strategy and tactical plan to capture initial 10 accounts
• Build and retain an independent, outside sales team to identify, pursue and capture first 10 accounts
• Develop a strategy for long-term growth

“If you change the way you look at your data, the data you look at changes.”

Left Brain + Right Brain

Be able to use your left brain and your right brain. It's not just about KPIs, but also about customer experience.

Roberts A Jeremy