Who is Left Brain + Right Brain

Left Brain + Right Brain is a digital marketing conglomerate made up of the best local and national talent in marketing consultants, educators and digital services with years in the corporate world, public sector, small business and start-ups. Our mission is to empower individuals and businesses seeking personal growth and professional development by teaching and advocating the value and practice of Left Brain + Right Brain.

Left Brain + Right Brain’s leadership team brings together a combined work experience that covers tourism, immigration, medical, retail, energy, IT, hosting, MarTech, FinTech, InsurTech, SaaS, real estate, data, financial services, armed forces, and the public sector.

“If you change the way you look at your data, the data you look at changes.”

Leadership Team

Jeremy A Roberts
Founder & CEO

Benjamin H Conner

Yusuf Chowdhury

Highlighted are two members of the executive team Jeremy Roberts and Yusuf Chowdhury.

Jeremy Roberts

Digital Marketing consultant and practitioner with 20 years of experience in both the corporate and startup worlds managing corporate/enterprise level demand generation, product marketing, partner marketing, and solutions selling for companies in cloud/managed hosting, retail, financial services, data, FinTech, MarTech, and SaaS. Currently, Jeremy is a Solutions Consultant for Adobe and the Founder/CEO of Left Brain + Right Brain. Previously, Jeremy was Head of Partnership Marketing at Acxiom, a Product Marketing Leader at IBM supporting IBM’s customer analytics product portfolio, a Digital Marketing Leader at Harland Clarke managing marketing for the company’s 13+ brands, a Marketing Leader for Rackspace in Demand Generation and Social Media Marketing, an Adjunct Professor of Digital Marketing at Texas A&M San Antonio, and a veteran of several owned small businesses.

Yusuf Chowdhury

Digital marketing consultant, business coach, and instructor with 15+ years helping small businesses, startups and aspiring entrepreneurs achieve profit and growth. Known for his charisma, charm and technical marketing brilliance, Yusuf has quickly become the go-to marketing technologist and technical expert for all areas of digital marketing among his peers. Yusuf’s been a frequent lecturer at colleges and universities in both the United States and internationally, but is best known for his 300+ online lectures in the area of digital marketing and online business. Currently, he is the CMO of Left Brain + Right Brain and owner of Online Business Owners. Previously, Yusuf spent years as a technical support manager managing accounts from mid-market to Fortune 500 businesses across the US. Throughout the week, you will find Yusuf running pro-bono and volunteer workshops for local businesses and doing what he loves most, helping others achieve their goals.

Key Clients

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What inspired Left Brain + Right Brain

After over 10 years of practice as seasoned business consultants, we continue to focus on building our skills and practical knowledge of business practices, business processes and technology in order to help our customers achieve growth and profitability by affecting change at the organization level. This meant improving their technology, redefining their business strategies, and refining their business operations. We still believe this approach is valid but it has proven only to be a short-term accomplishment. To their fulfillment, our efforts to change a business did result in immediate growth, efficiency and profitability. But unfortunately, that only lasted until the company goals had changed. Once a new direction was put in place, these companies did not have the know-how to adjust and pivot with the new issues they were facing. They fell back on their habits and focused again on changing systems instead of changing their own approach. They focused only on changing what’s around them, rather than themselves.


Through the development of the philosophy behind Left Brain + Right Brain, we learned that in order to change a business for the long-term, we had to first focus on changing the way employees worked. We believe that long-term change starts with changing the way people think, the way they approach a problem, the way they gather information, the way they
interpret information, the way they execute that information, and the way they share information. We believe that by adopting the philosophy of Left Brain + Right Brain, we can help people and companies to pursue a people first focus, and with that knowledge, we can truly affect change with the people within companies and create growth and profitability within companies for the long-term.

Be able to use your left brain and your right brain. It's not just about KPIs, but also about customer experience.

Roberts A Jeremy